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Oct 15, 2019

{open mic for ghosts}-{skin dreams}-{did you}-{a cat}-{call t}-[cw]-{blood}{gore}{skin's a thing}{spooks}--{as a kite}--{}---{@benchtimespod}-

Aug 1, 2019

{all those ducks are ones and zeros}-{california psychics}-{the best or its free}--{call t}-[cw]-{blood}{bullets}{oil}--{}---{@benchtimespod}-

Jul 12, 2019

{do not enter the water}---{do not land or launch boats}---{no swimming}---{no fishing}---{no wading}-[cw][none]---{}--{@benchtimes}

Jun 7, 2019

--{they cut corners}--{}---{@benchtimespod}--{traps}--[cw][rape][religion][insects]


Mar 5, 2019

{you are sitting on a bench by a river}
{you have run out of conversation}
{there is nothing to do}
{you have been left alone with your brain}

What do you do?